Interviews with
tom hazzard

Welcome to Interviews with Tom Hazzard. In this show, you’ll hear the best podcast and videocast interviews that Tom has been on throughout his career. Tom Hazzard’s experience with podcasts – both hosting five podcasts over the last five years, and as a brandcast strategist for other people who want their podcasts to skyrocket – makes him the perfect candidate for his very own collection of “greatest hits.” Given his wide range of expertise and experience, we have no doubt that there’s going to be tips, tactics, and strategies for you to model as you step into your own full potential!

Tom Hazzard is a prolific podcaster host/co-host of five different shows with hundreds of episodes and interviews. As the CTO of Brandcasters, Inc. (, he makes it a practice for all of the executive team (himself included) to start a new podcast every year. That way the leadership of the organization intimately understands what it is like to podcast today and helps inform the value and development of products and services.

In 2018, he started Feed Your Brand ranked as #22 on CIO’s list of Top Entrepreneur Podcasts (just one behind podcast industry veteran, Pat Flynn). Before that he started Product Launch Hazzards with his partner and co-host Tracy Hazzard to serve Amazon Sellers and Product Inventors. Right now in 2021, they are in the creation process of two new shows, The Next Little Thing and Behind the Next Little Thing to help podcasters explore show monetization through product sales and affiliations.

The story of Tom’s first podcast, WTFFF?! 3D Printing is the genesis of his podcasting production business and patent pending software-as-a-service, With over 600 episodes and a recent collaborative sponsorship with Hewlett Packard (HP), the proof of the long-term residual value of a podcast remains in much more than the number of Apple podcast subscribers. Value is in on-line and industry authority and influence growth, episode after episode. He can trace each and every press article, interview, and speaking engagement from someone who heard him on a podcast or met him during an interview for one of his podcasts.